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Who is oWow?

oWow is an Oakland based company committed to building affordable and adaptable spaces, both residential and commerical.

oWow is vertically integrated as an Architect, Developer and General Contractor  See nearby project where Owow is Architect, Developer and General Contractor: 1919market.org.

Current Site Conditions

The current west coast sausage factory burned down inside about 25 years ago and has been sitting vacant and blighted for awhile now. Our group, Owow, now has the opportunity to fix and clean-up the site and rebuild. We have gathered feedback over the last 18 months proposing a community of manufacturing jobs, work/live small business owners, makers, food and open space for the surrounding community.

Industrial / Commercial, jobs and youth pathways:

Ground Floor Industrial/Commercial: 30,000 sq ft of space for a local Oakland brewery, a furniture manufacturer, and just recently with a commercial food kitchen. 100+ jobs are anticipated. 


Additionally, we are in discussions with OUSD and Peralta Community Colleges on internship programs, apprenticeships for youth and young adults, and the incoming businesses that reside in the development after construction. Currently Old Kan, Kay Chesterfield, and Krave BBQ, all with signed LOI’s for the 30,000 SF of manufacturing space have a vision to provide pathways for Oakland youth and young adults for professional training in their site operations. 

Owow will be looking at how to engage youth in the construction process later in the project.

Work/Live Innovation:

91 work/live units designed to meet the most traditional definition of work/live layouts, with spaces from 850 SF to 2,200 SF, perfect for small businesses,makers and light industrial manufacturing. The density of units as well as the smaller work/live spaces will subsidize the larger work spaces, making them more affordable for manufacturing businesses to thrive. Each unit boasts very large bona fide work spaces and 16 foot high ceilings, large double doors and paths for freight loading, and complete ADA accessibility for potential employees or clients. Each unit must include a tenant that has an active business license in Oakland.

See how these spaces exactly fit the intent laid out by the West Oakland Specific Plan: [memo]


These spaces will rent at Commercial Business rental rates, will require an active business license, and will have commercial contracts. The advantage of work/live is that each unit has a business, which can make revenue, which then can pay for the rent.


Work activities in work/live units are intended to be the dominant activities of occupants, whether they are the residents, employees or customers. Work uses include business and office activities, including moderate and low hazard assembly, fabricating, manufacturing, repair or processing operations.

Community Gathering Space

This project creates a new 10,000 SF onsite community gathering space that will host a small-business Town Hall (pop-up food and retail containers) and community events. This community open space provides public access for the neighborhood to enjoy a serene, park setting and a local, shopping activated experience in the Town Square.

These images tell the story of what we intend to create in our Town Square space – up to 18 small container-sized businesses, with first preference to local, Oakland makers, manufacturers and artists.


The advantage of work/live is that each unit has a business, which can make revenue, which then can pay for the rent. This is a sustainable and affordable solution that’s part of the innovation of work/live units.

Owow has included a mix of work/live sizes to accommodate varying affordability options units as small as 800 SF and as large as 2,200 SF. The smaller units are intended to be subsidized by the larger more expensive units as the main strategy to provide that affordability. The smaller units are about 10% of the project. We are also providing 12-20 mobile shipping containers in an envisioned town square which will be outfitted for even smaller micro-businesses that need elevation into sustainable entrepreneurship. 

Owow has set aside about 10% of the project square footage for minority-owned, black-owned businesses and those with little equity to create a business. A non-profit and business task force has been set up to create the pipeline and support infrastructure onsite to incubate these new businesses to gain technical assistance to qualify, transition them into these spaces, then provide ongoing business resources to ensure these businesses thrive long-term in this development. 800 SF to 2,200 SF spaces are the sizes needed so these lower equity populations can thrive and afford spaces. 

Clean Building:

Planning Code requires that all activities in these spaces do not produce air pollution, fire hazard, or noxious emission that will disturb or endanger neighboring properties. Project will pursue LEED gold with solar energy on the roof, maxing out street trees and landscaping on all frontages, and adequate exterior lighting of sidewalks to prevent graffiti and trash pile-up. Partnerships with green infrastructure to introduce design elements, such as green walls, will be explored to reduce bad air quality within the vicinity. The development will also provide an opportunity to clean up the environmental toxins in the ground prior to human occupancy,


Owow is under a voluntary remedial action agreement with Alameda County Department of Environmental Health, assigned to Dilan Roe, head of Environmental clean-up operations. The preliminary assessment has been conducted and an approved corrective action plan is in place. Environmental remediation is tied to an approved development plan, so the environmental clean-up and designed systems will be initiated when the development plan is approved.  This development presents an opportunity to clean-up this site to residential screening levels which recently in 2019 went to the lowest in history. A much safer site will be the outcome. All environmental documents to-date are publicly accessible and can be found on geotracker: https://geotracker.waterboards.ca.gov/profile_report?global_id=T10000011160.


140 parking spaces are provided onsite on the ground floor at the Magnolia Street side of the property. They are screened, are accessible only by a garage door, and are not viewable from the street.


This is broken up in the following ways:

91 spaces = 91 work/live units 

  • Owow is providing transit passes for all work/live tenants, which is hoping to discourage cars, as part of the larger City push to remove cars. Owow will put into work/live commercial leases that any employees must be provided transit passes as well, in order to discourage car parking and commuting.

25 spaces =20,000 SF manufacturing spaces

  • Owow is providing 25 spaces for the ground floor manufacturing operations, which is assumed to have multiple hour, weekday and weekend shifts and all 75 anticipated jobs would not all be operating at once or all at this location.

24 spaces = Are visitor parking for customers and employees

A traffic study was conducted for this site and didn't see any adverse affects to the current neighborhood parking situation. If incoming businesses require additional parking, than Owow is open to looking at nearby parking lots to lease for the overflow of tenants, employees, and clients.

Community Commitments:

During Pre-Construction:

  • Public Art projects with local West Oakland artists

  • Green Infrastructure, Solar Energy, Stormwater filtering

  • LEED Gold

  • Ongoing site maintenance to ensure a clean, safe property that is an asset to the neighborhood


During Construction:

  • Quarterly community meetings

  • Noise barriers

  • Robust dust mitigation and environmental corrective action plan with Alameda County

  • 24-hour response time to any community complaints

  • Frontage lighting and 24 hour security during construction

  • Ongoing site maintenance


During Post-Construction:

  • Commitment to manufacturing jobs:

    • Signing 20,000 SF of leases for the existing building with light manufacturing and food manufacturing businesses; Currently 20,000 SF reserved by LOI with these local, light manufacturing businesses.

      • 1.      All businesses that operate in the 20,000 SF of space will need to agree, within their lease agreement, to operate with 50% local hiring.

      • 2.      A Community Advisory Board will review and qualify the 50% local hiring of employees on the ground floor of manufacturing space.

  • Establish a long-term small business pipeline into the town square spaces and the work spaces (work/live), focusing on minority and African-American-Owned businesses, by establishing a combined for-profit and non-profit business workforce development task force, whose role is to prepare businesses to qualify, provide marketing, business development and other services to get the business up and running and help provide long-term supportive resources to sustain these businesses onsite long-term.

    • 1.      Establish a Laney Foundation scholarship (funded by oWow) for the purpose of job training for the jobs created at 2715 Adeline.

    • 2.      Free space will be provided onsite that’s available for business and employee resources and training.

  • Commitment to integrity of protecting business/maker/manufacturing uses in the building:

    • Establish long-term constraints to make sure work/live spaces are operated and kept as work/live spaces within the development after the project is constructed.

    • 1.      We will fund a 3rd party oversight company to monitor business license and work/live business compliance within all 91 units for the next 10 years.

    • 2.      All tenants will be subject to an annual inspection, by the 3rd party monitor, to ensure that the business license is still current and valid.

    • 3.      All tenants of the 91 workspaces (work/live) must present a valid business license prior to signing the lease and each lease renewal.

    • 4.      All tenants will be required to sign a commercial lease.

    • 5.      All tenants will be required to sign a statement of disclosure (example below) within their lease

      • a.       “All tenants acknowledge the commercial character of the development and acceptance of the potential for uses that result in higher noise levels than would be expected in a residential facility.”

  • Commitment to ongoing community engagement:

    • Establish a Community Advisory Board that provides guidance through ongoing community engagement, during construction and post-construction and bridging connections into the Oakland small business and artist communities.

      • 1.      Owow will provide a space onsite for the Community Advisory Board to review commitments of the development are followed, quarterly.

  • Commitment to providing equity to black and other minority-owned businesses:

    • The project will provide 4,400 SF of work/live spaces, at 25% below market rate, to black and other minority-owned businesses.

    • The project to help subsidize an additional 6,000 SF of work/live spaces and contribute $54,000 worth of rent for qualified businesses.

    • The project will enter into a partnership with Operation Hope and other non-profits to provide business training and other resources to qualified businesses.

We want to hear from our neighbors and community organizations.  

As we develop our plans for 2715 Adeline. We are asking our community - what would you like to see in your community? 

Let us know below!


We want to hear from You!


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Project Manager:

Jeremy Harris | oWow

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