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<< Update>>

oWow has been using the last couple months to canvas the neighborhood, reach out to varying stakeholders, and incorporate preliminary planning department comments. We've also been participating in local events to support our neighborhoods and show that we're here to stay and be a part of the community we are building.

oWow has implemented strict graffiti and debris removal with weekly services cleaning up this site.

Regarding Santos Dumpster, we are close to having their business removed from the site entirely. oWow issued a 30 day notice to vacate the site late February. We extended that notice an additional 30 days, based on Santos Dumpster's request, as they stated it would be impossible in such a short time to transfer and that it would be detrimental to their business. oWow granted the extension in good faith that they would vacate entirely by April 27th. Santos Dumpster did not vacate as promised. oWow sent a 72 hour notice for eviction on May 4th, and an official eviction was filed on May 9th. I will keep everyone posting on the status of 100% removal from the site.

<<End update>>

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Jeremy Harris | oWow

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